• Protect your mortgage and assets with Insurance

First Home Buyer – Insurance

Just like a bank protects it’s risk and exposure by charging Loan Mortgage Insurance, it is imperative that First Home Buyers protect their mortgage in the event of mishap, redundancy, illness, disability or death.

First Home Solution will assist you obtaining

a) Home & Contents Insurance – A necessity for any bank to provide you with a loan.

b) Income & Mortgage Insurance – protection for your asset and liabilities incase of mishap.


First Home Buyers are typically the most exposed to mishap as they have loans with the highest loan to value ratio. This means in the event of mishap they typically do not have enough equity in the house to cover additional borrowings or mortgage repayment extensions.

First Home Solution will provide all First Home Buyers with various contacts and referrals to ensure they have the necessary insurance in place to protect themselves.

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